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   I have taught adults of all ages, and truly appreciate people who in addition to their work and family take time to learn an instrument. I consider this to be extraordinary, and I feel very lucky that I met all these people through the guitar.

   Now I would like to encourage You to start!

   Here is a list of advantages when learning an instrument as an adult.


  •  previous musical experience, which makes it much easier to learn a new instrument,

  • willingness to work hard,

  • self motivation,

  • self discipline,

  • knowledge to understand more complex concepts,

  • life experience, that is necessary for a mature musical performance,

  • patience.

   Now we know that our brain plasticity remains with us throughout our whole life. Also we know that playing a musical instrument is the best workout for the brain.

   So grab a guitar and stay young and fresh! No joke.

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