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About Gabor

Gabor Szarvas graduated with a degree in guitar instruction and chamber music in Hungary in 2002. His teachers include some of Hungary’s most respected guitarists – David Pavlovits, Andrea Bozoki, Sandor Szilvagyi and Ede Roth.


In 2002 he won third prize in the Hungarian Guitar Competition of Music Colleges. As a student he toured Hungary, performing in several cities.


He started teaching in 1996 as a student himself. During the last 20 years, teaching hundreds of students, he developed a program and teaching style that is, according to his students, both effective and fun.

He moved to Madison in February 2012 where he continues his career in classical guitar instruction and performance.

"I have been performing and teaching the guitar since I was a student. I find great joy in both. Playing and teaching go hand in hand. They help each other and they help you growing as a musician and a human being."

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