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How to start?

Since the Suzuki method is quite different from conventional music lessons, it is important to get a picture of it. On our first meeting - with only the parent/s being present - we will talk about what you can expect from this program and the teacher, and what will be your responsibilities as a parent.

Reading Suzuki’s book "Nurtured by Love" is a good way to go on. It provides information about the method and its history and it is really motivational.

At this point, it is helpful if you buy Suzuki Guitar Book 1 and start listening to the CD with your child.

The next step is three lessons with one of the parents, with the child being present. Here you will learn how to handle the instrument, you will start using some games and a basic skills set for playing the guitar. You will become a much better help for your child if you have tried to play the instrument yourself.

After the third lesson the child can start taking an active role in the guitar lessons.

The right size of the instrument is really important. The teacher will help you chose the appropriate size instrument for your child. It most probably will be a small size guitar (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 sized.) or a ukulele. It is important to have a proper instrument before we start the lessons.

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