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   If you are interested in Guitar Lessons you are at the right place,
   I would like to share my knowledge, my experience and my enthusiasm with you.
   No matter your age or previous experience, I will help you reaching your goals and becoming a more confident and more skilled guitarist.
   You might have some questions before you make a big decision, and that is understandable. That is why I offer a free meeting before you sign up for lessons. Please use this opportunity.
   Hope to meet you soon,
                                               Gabor Szarvas
How I teach
    I teach one-on one. You can choose 30, 45 or 60 min lessons. Most of my students come weekly, and this is what I would recommend.
    The first meeting is free. It is an introduction. I would like to know where you are coming from and what your goals are, and I would also like to show you what and how I teach.
    Every lesson is unique and personalized for you, since every student and situation is different.
    My main job is to make sure that it will be fun and you also develop your skills.

What can you learn from me?

- a wide variety of guitar pieces (Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, Spanish, South American)

- different techniques: scales, arpeggios, tremolo,rasgueado, slurs, trills and other ornaments, vibrato, harmonics

- music theory

- sight reading

and a lot of other important things like:

- practice techniques

- how to use the metronome

- memorization techniques

- mastering your tone

- 'singing' and 'talking' on the guitar

- using your body freely

- expressing yourself with more accuracy and with more passion

- motivating yourself on the long run...

What do you need as a starter kit?

A Classical/Spanish guitar, a music stand, a foot stand, a tuner, and a metronome.

(If you don't have an instrument yet, I am happy to help you purchasing one.)

How to get in contact?

email address:

phone: (608) 469-2216

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